The SC Caucus of Black School Board Members!

Our vision is bettering the educational pursuits of all African-American children throughout the state of South Carolina. To bring this vision to fruition, we engage ourselves in working with both the South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA) and the Superintendent of South Carolina's State Board of Education. We, also, solicit the support of men/women in businesses and organizations who want the best in educational technologies for all of our children.

Welcome to our website! We, the members of the South Carolina Caucus of Black School Board Members, are working together to foster equality in the education of African-American students and other minorities. On this website, you shall view information regarding those issues and concerns that we perceive as vital to such equality. At present, we are addressing the shut down of three school districts in our state: the Allendale School District, the Williamsburg School District, and Florence School District #4, and the usage of the PRAXIS as a standard for allowing teachers to obtain teacher certification in South Carolina.



Caucus members at the First South Carolina Black Legislative Summit/2018

South Carolina State Superintendent Molly Spearman and President Cynthia V. Brown after a meeting regarding issues/concerns of the Executive Board of the South Carolina Caucus of Black School Board Members.


Rev. Cynthia V. Brown, President

Retired Public School English Teacher

A member of the Marion County

School Board of Education

B.S. Degree in English

Tennessee State University

M.A. Degree in Journalism

University of South Carolina

M. Div. Degree

Cathedral Bible College 

Former Adjunct Professor,

University of South Carolina

Former T.V. News-reporter

Former President/SC Commission on Women's Health Issues

Cheryl Y. Harris,


M.A. Degree in Business/Administrations/Human Resources

South University

 Chairperson of the Richland County School District One Board of Education

 Board of Commissioners

Caucus' Legislative Representative

     Attorney Jamie Shadd,        Secretary

     B.A. Degree in Political Science 

         Winthrop University

                 Juris Doctor

       University of South Carolina           Owner, The Shadd Law Firm, L.L.C.

       A member of the Richland  County District Two School                               Board of Education

       Queenie Boyd


       Attended Allen University

                  Columbia, SC

   Former President of the South Carolina School Board Association 


 Member of the Lee County School

             Board of Education

  Served as a Member of the Board

  of Directors of the SCSBA and the

               SCHS Lreague

Elder Alexis D. Pipkins, Sr.

Ed. S.

Immediate Past President

B.A. Degree in Political Science

Winthrop University

M.A. Degree in Management

Webster University

Educational Specialist Degree

Specialization in Leadership in Education Administration

Capella University

Lee County First Steps Executive Director

A member of the Florence School District One School Board of Education

Dr. Monica Elkins-Johnson Regional Director (Midlands)

B.S. Degree in Family and Consumer Science

South Carolina State University

M. ED. in Divergent Learning (SP Ed)

Columbia College

ED.S. in Educational Leadership

Cambridge College

ED.D. in Educational Administration

South Carolina State University

Former principal

Currently serving as an Educational Consultant

A member of the Richland School District Two Board of Education

                                               Dr. Gary L. Burgess, Sr.

                                    Regional Director


                                 Ed. D. Degree in Educational Leadership

                                            University of South Carolina

                                                  Ed. S./M.Ed. Degrees

                                                    Converse College

                                                         B.A. Degree

                                                   Wofford College

                        CEO/President of the Burgess Action Group (BRAG)

                        Former Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent

              Former Adjunct Professor at Converse College and the Citadel

                                Former South Carolina Principal of the Year

                                             Milken National Educator

                 Board Member of the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellent

                A member of the Anderson County School Board of Education



South Carolina Caucus of Black School Board Members

January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Instructions: Please, print all information requested.

Personal information                                                                                                                                                              Date: _____________________________________________

Preferred Mailing Address:                                                                                                                                                       ___ School District/Business ___ Residence


First Name                                                                                                        MI                                                                            Last Name

Residence Address:                                         ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



                                                                              City                                                                                     State                                                          Zip Code

Residence Phone (include area code):                                                                                     _______________________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone Number (include area code):                                                                                 ______________________________________________________________________________

Preferred Email Address:                                                                                                              ______________________________________________________________________________


School District/Business Name:                                                                                                  ______________________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone Number (include area code):                                                                                  ______________________________________________________________________________


School District Address:                                                        _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



                                                                                                     City                                                                   State                                                                    Zip Code

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Category                                                                Amount                                                   Method of Payment

Regular Dues:                                                       $   35.00                                                    __ Cash      __ Check      __ Money Order      __Credit Card/Online

Associate Dues:                                                   $   25.00                                                    __ Cash      __ Check      __ Money Order      __ Credit Card/Online

Corporate Dues:                                                  $ 300.00                                                   __ Cash      __ Check      __  Money Order      __ Credit Card/Online

Dues not paid at meetings/online should be mailed to:                             Queenie Boyd

                                                                                                                                     529 Davis Street

                                                                                                                                     Bishopville, SC 29010



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                The South Carolina Caucus of Black School Board Members' Annual Essay Scholarship - 2019


Eligible:                          African-American High School Seniors

                                         South Carolina Public Schools

Award:                           $500.00 Scholarship

Deadline:                      April 15, 2019

                                       (Must be postmarked)

Mail to:                        Att. James Shadd, Scholarship Chair

                                      P.O. Box 969

                                      Columbia, SC 29203

Guidelines:                Maximum of three (3) pages, typed, double-spaced

                                     The essay must consist of five (5) paragraphs.

                                     There must be an introductory paragraph, three (3) body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Judging:                   The Introductory paragraph catches the reader's attention.   

                                   The Introductory paragraph contains three (3) topic sentences.

                                   The focus is clear and is neither too specific nor too vague.

                                   Each of the three (3) Body paragraphs has a clear main idea (topic sentence).

                                   The Body paragraphs are in order and make sense.

                                   The Conclusion restates the main idea.

                                   The essay follows the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


                                                             For a complete Application Package, please contact Attorney James Shadd, Scholarship Committee Chair

                                                                                     803-771-7460 or shaddlawfirmllc@gmail.com




















Mailing Address: Post Office Box 271, Mullins, South Carolina 29574